• Check In Time is 4 PM.

  • Check Out Time is 11 AM.

  • Smoking – including the use of e-cigarettes - is not permitted anywhere on Property, including outdoors  

  • Pets and other live animals are not permitted on the Property  

  • Quiet hours are from 11:00 PM to 7:00AM  

  • Garbage must be placed in the dumpster in the parking lot at Property when checking out 

  • Ashes and partly burned wood must be cleaned from the fireplace and dumped in the barrel outside when checking out

  • Events, receptions, or parties are strictly forbidden

  • You must turn off the water heater and breaker switch, as well as set the heating or cooling accordingly, when checking out.

  • Open flame grills are prohibited from use and storage at Property, per Virginia Fire Code. This includes charcoal and propane grills.

  • Dumpsters are for household trash only.

  • Per Virginia Fire Code, storage of any kind is prohibited in the common area stairwells and walkways. Please use the storage locker for skis, sleds, snowboards, golf clubs, fishing equipment, etc.


TEL: 919-889-6801

E-MAIL: info@fourkoalas.com

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