Living Room
A warm and cozy living room awaits you
Entering the condo
The view of the first floor as you enter the condo
Living Room
An open floor plan to enjoy time together
Planning your day
Whether it's planning which slopes to ski or which trails to hike, we have the perfect spot to plan for the day ahead
View of the first floor
With lots of seating options, a group of 6 can be quite comfortable at the condo
Kitchen view
You can enjoy the view of the outdoors, watch the TV, or socialize with your group while cooking in the fully stocked kitchen
Our updated kitchen is perfect for quick meals or a full dinner
Outside Patio
The patio is a great spot to sit and enjoy the outdoors while relaxing at the condo
Master Bedroom
The king size bed in the master bedroom is waiting for you at the end of the day for a great night's sleep
Master Bedroom
Master Bedroom
Our master bedroom has a TV with a Roku stick so you can watch your favorite shows and movies from the bed
First Floor Bathroom
The bathroom on the first floor is directly across the hall from the Master Bedroom
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